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Track Frames

Fresh off the jig, custom frames ready for pickup


Work in Progress

Just wanted to share a few things we’ve been working on lately:


This Week

You might want to check these out:


If you’ve dropped by the shop recently, you may have noticed some construction happening at the shop. That’s because we are now roommates with CraftMNL! And they have done a great job renovating the workshop space.

Their signage and tiles are actually made of construction paper pasted on the wall with gawgaw!

This is the view coming in from our side:

Inside the workshop area, you have a view of Hocus bikes:

In preparation for the first CraftMNL screen printing workshop, we made a couple of test screens and exposure tests. Here’s our first exposure : 

Followed by an edition of these fellows:

Let’s not forget about what we’ve been working on for HOCUS newoldbikes…

Keepin’ it busy!