HOCUS gets crafty

Last week, our next door neighbors CraftMNL hosted an Etsy Craft Party. There was some taka painting (paper mache horses from Paete), food, beer, and craft show & tell.

Crafters busy painting their paper mache Takas. On the other side, you can see Hocus planning how to paint their taka horses. (Photo from CraftMNL)

The only guy that painted a taka that night, behind the counter.

Behind the Hocus counter, Andrei paints his taka.

With VP Binay in the background. We also found out that the guy behind me in orange is actually part of Binay’s security detail, and he’s got an old chainless/shaft-driven bike he’s restoring. (Photo from CraftMNL)

The Yogi Taka. For my ma.

Drei’s Taka. It’s half Cheetah, half Zebra.

For more updates on craft events and workshops, check out CraftMNL on Facebook/Twitter.

HOCUS also holds screen printing workshops there so keep checking our Facebook page for updates!

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