We’ve been experimenting with monotyping using excess textile ink we have piling up around the workshop. The black print above was made using a piece of twine under the screen, so that it would block out the black ink and reveal the first layer of color. The other prints were made by painting directly on the screen then transferred onto paper with a squeegee.

The two terms monotype and monoprint are often confused and need clarification. A monoprint is a print created through any technique (lithography, etching, woodblock, serigraphy etc.) that is altered after it has been printed. Each print is different from the other, as the artist works each etched or worked plate individually, adding color or wiping the ink differently each time a print is pulled. A monotype is the printing of an image from a clean, unworked surface containing no scratching, carving or drawing. The main difference is that with monotypes editions are impossible to pull. (Taken from

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