Most of you probably know that we don’t have regular store hours, that we are [usually] at the shop on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In between those days, we’re either at CraftMNL teaching screen printing, prepping bike parts that will go into a custom build, or working on some R&D (finding new things to make and making them). Below is what we did on one of our R&D days.

We were getting sick of seeing our plain old katcha bags laying around the shop so we printed on some. But even then, they just made our prints look boring. So a few weeks ago, in an attempt to make the bags a little more interesting, we decided to stuff them tote bags into buckets of dye.

First step. Boil water, add dye and salt.

Keepin’ it real. Gas ain’t cheap and burning stuff is fun.

Mix the bags into the dye and let them sit in there for awhile.

Soaking the bags in dye: black, yellow, blue, brown

Have some snacks.

Keep hydrated when working outside.

Rinse, then dry the bags in the sun.



Dried, ironed, ready to print on.

Not as easy at it looks. Took a lot of time to make, but they look much better. The dyes we used aren’t as intense as we thought they’d be. We particularly liked the way the brown and black came out. Now we have figure out what to print on them.

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