Track Frames

Fresh off the jig, custom frames ready for pickup


Track Ends

We’ve designed some new track ends! Decades from now, when your kids find a rusty old bike, and can’t find any badge or decals to identify it, these steel track ends will tell them it was from Hocus.

Here’s a little something to geek out on: A track end (or track forkend) is not synonymous with dropout. A dropout is a type of forkend that allows the wheel to be removed from the frame or literally “dropped out”, without taking out the chain first. The opening of track forkends face the rear, so the wheel is removed by pulling it back, which is why the chain needs to be derailed before the wheel can be taken off. We’ve been assembling bikes for 2 years now, and I just discovered this little bit of information. Don’t judge me. Thank you Sheldon Brown for once again, clearing up the confusion.


Drop outs

some of our frame ends  for track or single speed bikes